A Holistic Approach To A Pain Free And Healthy Life!



Steve Wills, Pain & Injury Specialist

Hi, I’m Steve Wills! I’ve been helping people with chronic pain since 1994. I use an advanced pain specific holistic therapy program that focuses mainly on the Central Nervous System. From there your Endorphin,  Serotonin, and Epinephrine levels can be elevated which then counter reacts the pain signals conducted by the brain. In addition, the relaxation of the muscles themselves release tension and toxins to allow the body to return to the proper position and obtain homeostasis! These techniques will assist in the removal of waste from the muscles, while increasing blood and nutrient flow which results in greater availability of oxygen to the cells. These therapies are crucial for healthy aging and pain management! Nutrition is the other half of the battle against pain,Anyone looking to achieve optimal health has to consider nutrition as the single most important ingredient for success. In a perfect world, all of our nutrition should come from the food we eat. Supplementation should not even be an issue.In the real world, however, most of the foods we eat are riddled with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and hormones – not to mention that they are often hydrated with polluted water. In addition, an ever-growing percentage of our food comes from other countries, which don’t always have the best inspection track record.And if all that weren’t bad enough, the natural nutrient value of the soil that produces these foods has also been diminishing over the years, a trend that will only get worse. This is why it’s necessary for us to add proven nutritional supplements to our diet!Exercise and stretching is the final piece of the puzzle if one is to obtain a truly healthful lifestyle. I have been helping my clients design exercise regimens that truly enjoy to optimize the time and energy put into exercise and diet. The reason exercise is client specific is because it has to be fun or you will not do it!Proper Nutrition And Exercise Can:

  • Increases blood circulation to the muscles, allowing for faster muscle repair.
  • Increased flexibility and range in motion
  • Decreased stress/depression
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Improved sleep patterns